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Cordell Lawrence

consultant, developer, entrepreneur

About me

I'm pretty passionate about building and architecting technical solutions. My experience has mostly been with projects targeting in the enterprise space and I've functioned both as a team member and team lead on a number successful software projects.

I love working with creative, passionate teams that are bent on making an impact. Entrepreneurship and startups are particularly exciting and interesting to me and I take great joy in being pushed and stretched to my professional and intellectual limits ... since it is in that place that growth and development are activated.

Full name: Cordell Lawrence

Date of birth: 28-August

Phone: +1.868.682.0769



More about my past experience

I've been doing software engineering for a long time. For the past six (6) years I've functioned mostly in senior positions such as development lead, software architect, development team manager, etc. Currently I hold the position of CTO, but I'm also the founder of a small development and consulting shop. Parse through the information below for more details on my work and academic history.


  • 2012-future

    Caribbean Ideas Ltd. @ Chief Technology Officer

    As a member of the executive team, I funciton as the CTO of Caribbean Ideas. CI is small digital business company and I head up the dev team as the software architect and direct the use of tech stacks. I'm also responsible for tech consulting both inside the company and on all our external client projects.

  • 2011-2012

    igovtt @ Solutions Architect

    At iGovTT (National ICT Company of Trinidad & Tobago), I was a member of the Solutions Architect Office where we were responsible for consulting on various technology and IT projects for different areas within the government of T&T while producing position papers and guidance on the use of various technology stacks.

  • 2010-2011

    Medullan @ Senior Software Engineer

    With its head offices in Cambridge Massachusetts, while at Medullan I moved between Boston and Trinidad working with clients to design and implement complex Web solutions for US clients in the health sector. I functioned as Lead and Assoc. Technical Architects on these projects.

  • 2001-2010

    Teleios Systems ltd. @ Manager, Architect

    While not my first job, I spent the bulk of my career at Teleios where I spearheaded the development of the enterprise grade, loosely coupled SMS messaging platform 'MessageCentral'. I started as a developer and left the company having functioned in many roles including, all levels of Software Engineer, Software Architect, Manager of the MessageCentral development team and a member of the management team.


  • 2014

    CARIRI Hatchery Programme completed

    In 2014, I was chosen amoung 10 other participating teams to take part in a pre-incubator programme to flesh out an idea that I worked on as part of my private company Refactor Technology Solutions. Our project, "Map Ninja" was acknowledged and recognized for being creative and innovative and is currently under development.

  • 2013

    Participant @ TechCrunch NY Hackathon

    Participated and presented in the Tech Crunch NY 2013 Disrupt Hackathon where we designed, built our project, in a 24 hour code sprint. The solution involved addressing a speaker's ability to get real-time feedback from an audiance while presenting or to run a really quick poll or questionaire so that presentations are more interactive.

  • 1996-2003

    BSc. Comp. Sci. @ Andrews Univ. (graduated)

    I completed my Bachelors in Comp. Sci. via an affiliate programme between Caribbean Union College and Andews University. This was a particularly tough time in my life, but I managed to put myself through college while getting several years of experience in the process.

  • 1988-1996

    Taught myself how to code (crushed it)

    Got bitten by the tech bug pretty early. I first started programming when I borrowed a neighbour's TANDY Color Computer and wrote my first "hello [Name]" program. After months of GOTOs and GOSUBs, I had gotten pretty good at writing code. It's been all up hill after that!

Skills & Things about me

back-end Development
.NET and C#
SQL Databases
Web Services
Windows 8 Touch Apps


Here's what I can do for you

Ideas and concepts

I'm an idea factory. If you're looking for creative ideas in our space and you're looking to validate whether or not your idea can leverage technology to get off the ground, I can absolutely help with that.

Solve technical problems

I'm pretty good at thinking on my feet. If you're looking for creative solutions to challanges or you're looking to bounce your ideas off of technical resource, I'm your guy.

Coding & development

This one is totally my comfort zone. I've been coding for many years, even before doing it professionally. If you need something hacked together, whether it be building a website, mobile app or touch application ... give me a shout!


My latest activities


Get in touch with me

Feel free to drop me a line anytime about anything!